Once a runner Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 12:34:13 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Thu, Oct 18, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-18-2018.html <p>Wish I&#39;d brought more running clothes, but a good morning run. Ended up sub-34, so bounced back quickly, albeit on a totally flat, concrete path.</p> Thu, 18 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 16, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-16-2018.html <p>Really wanted to run, so went along the bay after landing in San Diego. Nice warm sun, ran pretty quick--sub-8 last mile!</p> Tue, 16 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Oct 15, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-15-2018.html <p>V easy but faster and easier than before. On mill.</p> Mon, 15 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Oct 12, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-10-12-2018.html <p>V slow, a little uncomfortable, but finally able to run again. Took 30 minutes, but made it. Cardio OK because of some x-training (walk, row, elliptical) over last 10 days.</p> Fri, 12 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Sep 29, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-09-29-2018.html <p>Was one mile into a nice run and my calf went boom. A slow walk back to the car :-/</p> Sat, 29 Sep 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Sep 26, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-09-26-2018.html <p>Rowed :12 moderate, ran 2 progressive on mill after. Hip acted up after being fine for a long time :-/ Something about the mill at &lt; 8:30 pace that it really doesn&#39;t like.</p> Wed, 26 Sep 2018 06:00:00 Sun, Sep 23, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-09-23-2018.html <p>Easy run w S on a nice cool morning. Legs are finally beginning to get back to normal.</p> Sun, 23 Sep 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Sep 21, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-09-21-2018.html <p>Slow Schooner Head. Legs still feel really trashed and achy. I ran hard for RtB, but this is getting a little ridiculous.</p> Fri, 21 Sep 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Sep 19, 2018 http://MFW.fastrunningblog.com/blog-09-19-2018.html <p>3 very slow and sore miles after an easy 12 minute row. Definitely still feel the weekend miles. Recovery is so slow when you get old!</p> Wed, 19 Sep 2018 06:00:00